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GAF Machine Tool Company, Inc. uses state-of-the-art Virtual Gibbs CAM® software from  Gibbs and Associates to program our CNC machines. 


Key Benefits

Virtual Gibbs CAM® includes built-in real-time rendering of the cut part, which gives us the ability to simulate the machining process prior to its manufacture in our machinery reducing the possibility of machining problems.
Virtual Gibbs CAM® maximizes data compatibility with various CAD products allowing us to accept CAD drawings in various file formats including, but not limited to IGES, DXF, Parasolid® files, including Unigraphics®, SolidWorks®, Intergraph SolidEdge®, Bentley MicroStation Modeler® and ComputerVision DesignWave® • ACIS® SAT files, including AutoCAD Designer®, Intergraph SolidEdge®, Bentley MicroStation Modeler®, Applicon Bravo®, Hewlett-Packard’s CoCreate® and many others • Future solid model formats include ProEngineer®, PT Modeler®, Catia®, STEP and others.
We can accept your files via e-mail, 1.44MB floppy, LS120® 120MB floppy super disk, Iomega Zip100® 100MB disk, Iomega Zip250® 250MB disk, CD-ROM and as well as your drawings via fax and provide quality parts based on those specifications.


All our programmers have been fully trained in Virtual Gibbs CAM® and have many years of experience in the precision machining industry running both CNC and manual equipment.